Sexy Ukrainian Girl from Odessa, Ukraine

I am tender caring woman, just Juliette who is searching for her Romeo. I think I don`t ask for something supernatural, I just want to be healthy and happy. I am happy with everything in my life, but I am single and longing for true love to rush into my life and fill it with bright rays of joy and happiness for the rest of my life. I am a family oriented lady and serious in my intentions. I can be passionate as a lioness, tender as a cat and stately as a swan. Just drop me a line, you won`t regret!

I am not very many-sided person. I love reading, keep active and do fitness a lot to keep fit. I like to watch ballet and dance shows.

Sexy Ukrainian Girl from Odessa, Ukraine

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Pretty Ukrainian Woman from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

I am a kind, sincere, loyal and caring woman who is looking for a man who can take care of his wife and family and provide stability in our Relationship. I wish he will love me for who I am, but not for who he wants me to become.


I like reading books and magazines, I enjoy going in for sports. I also like to have picnics, and I adore teaching.

I am looking for a man who knows what he wants from life and knows how to treat a lady with respect and love. I prefer him to be kind and sincere with me. He must have a good sense of humor, be respectful, courteous, faithful and be family-oriented.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Bride from Mariupol, Ukraine

I am easy-going, caring and sincere woman. I want to find my beloved man and to live happy and interesting life with him, based on traditional family values.

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I like reading and I prefer to spend my weekends out of town in the nature. I am fond of mountain tourism, bowling, good movies and music, walks and sunsets. Traveling brings me pleasure too.

I like such traits of character in my future husband as kindness, sincerity, decency, sense of humor. Actually there is no decent image, my heart will tell me.;)

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Single Ukrainian Woman from Kharkov, Ukraine

I`m an open, intelligent and kind girl. I like to be sincere and loyal with all people and don`t like when there are misunderstandings that cannot be resolved between people. I like when everybody do their  best to keep happy and always try to help others who need it. I like to be very active and I maintain a healthy way of life! I think it`s very important!

Mooie Russische Vrouw

For  hobbies, I like dancing very much and I spend a lot of time doing so with my friends. I can only dream that my future beloved will like to dance with me 🙂

Since I cannot find my man locally, I am looking abroad and I`m here to find a man who will make my dream come true! I hope to find a sincere, faithful and kind man who will love with all his heart. I want to be only woman for him and of course, he will be my only man. Also I hope he would like to have a nice family and children with me and will cherish me and our children for the rest of his life! I want to be a part of his everyday life and bring him happiness!

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Beautiful Russian Woman from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

People near me say that I am a sociable, communicative, caring and open lady. I can say that I am loyal, faithful, tender and caring. I never betray and cannot accept to be betrayed. I consider myself a creative person and I am easy going and laid back. I like to learn everything that is new to me and I never get tired from living new experience and getting new impressions.

Beautiful Russian Girl

My main interests are nature and animals. I also like to decorate my house, I like drawing and I like reading, I can cook very well and my tasty pancakes are the dish I am very proud of! Mostly, I like to spend time with my daughter and to have good rest with her. In our free time, we like to go to the sea or to visit my mother. My mother lives in a village where there are many domestic animals and my daughter loves to play with them.

Being 37 years of age myself, I am looking for a man who is between 40 and 55. I would like to find a man who is clever, intelligent, loyal and stable in life. I appreciate a good balance of kindness and firmness in a man. I’d love to have fun with my husband and to be able to enjoy being together in all our free time. I’d also like my partner to have good sense of humor.

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Sexy Ukrainian Woman from Sumy, Ukraine

Let me introduce myself: I am a very faithful, kind, caring, sincere and affectionate woman. I am a sociable person, easy-going and with a good sense of humor. I am honest, responsible and what, I think,  is the most important – I am a loving and decent young woman. I am open, kind and sweet – I am a diplomat – I always try to find a peaceful compromise in any difficult situations. I like to help people a lot and i do it! I value people who are straightforward, creative and who have a positive view to life.

Sexy Ukrainian Woman

When I have some spare time, I like to spend it with my relatives and friends or (I just love it!) with my daughter, whom I adore so much! Together, we like to learn foreign languages, to sing, to dance and to cook pancakes! I like nature and outdoors, the fresh air, the sea, the sun and taking walks in forests and mountains! I try to always enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities!

At 34 years old myself, I wish to meet a gentleman who is between 35 and 50. My beloved man should be a cheerful, loving and caring person! If his thoughts are clear, his heart is pure and his soul is gentle and open: then the Destiny will certainly find the way to bring him to me and he will win my heart to keep!

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Beautiful Russian Girl from St Petersburg, Russia

About my character; I am kind, merry, cheerful, kind hearted, loyal and responsive. I am a family oriented lady and I want to dedicate mysef to the family in the future.

Single Russian Woman

I work in tourist agency as a manager. It is the profession that I studied at the university. I like my job because it makes me traveling and discovering new people and new places. I like to learn something new and to visit parties sometimes. I also like to dance and to be in the circle of friends. I like to read and to educate myself. I am fond of painting and arts in general.

I am 26 years old and I am looking for a man of 26-40 years old, who is kind, easy-going, cheerful, tolerant, faithful and good-hearted. His country is not the most important to me – it could be America, Europe, Australia. I prefer to meet a man without children (but it is not so important to me). I plan to have children in the future but some time later after the marriage.

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Sexy Ukrainian Woman from Odessa, Ukraine

Schöne Russische Frau

About myself, I can say that I am calm and well-balanced. I am very friendly and I always enjoy to invite guests to my house. I would like very much to become a loving wife and a good friend for my future husband.

For my hobbies and interests, I enjoy cooking, listening to good music and traveling. I love children very much. I enjoy the nature and being outdoors – near the sea or in the forest.

I am looking for a serious relationship. I am 39 and I wish to meet a gentleman who is between 36 and 55 years old. I would like to create a family with children after I meet my special man. I imagine my beloved husband to be dark-haired (preferably), nice, average height, fit, stable in life and
serious in his search of a life partner. I would prefer English speaking countries but it is not such of a big importance for me. The main thing for me is to meet Him and fall in love… after that everything will happen by itself – if we are meant to be together. 😉

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Sexy Ukrainian Woman from Poltava, Ukraine

I have so much love saved in my heart for my special man – I cannot wait to find him. My dream is to find my man, my one and only, whom I will be a good and loyal wife to. I am a cheerful person and I love to smile and laugh. And even when life sometimes brings us black and white strips, I believe that when your share your life with a person you truly love, the black ones seem not too dark and the white ones are way larger 🙂 I am a warm, loving, tender and very giving person. I am very sincere, honest, loyal and I am here with the serious intentions to find my soul mate, whom I want to share why whole life with.

Sexy Ukrainian Woman from Poltava, UkraineIn my free time, I like to cook, to read and to travel. Most of all I like to be outside, to go anywhere in the nature with my friends, to have picnics and so on. And, of course, I like to be with my little daughter.

I am 21 years old and I wish to meet a man between 25 and 38 years old. I am looking for a man with a loving heart, who has the sincere desire to have a good family in love, peace and happiness. A man who will want to hurry home, knowing that he is loved and awaited by his wife and children. A man who will be my beloved One and Only, my angel, whom I can`t live without.

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Beautiful Ukrainian Girl from Kharkov, Ukraine

Beautiful Ukrainian Girl from Kharkov, UkraineI like to stay fit all the time and that is why I like active sports. I really adore swimming and fitness and try to do them on a
regular basis. Moreover I like traveling and discovering new countries and people. I adore nature and any kind of out door activities, like BBQ:)

I am 39 years old and I still dream to meet my soul mate. I wish to meet a man who is between 38 and 55 years old. I want to find my soul – mate, a man who will really love me. I want him to be smart, intelligent and to be a real man. I need a successful man who has the job he really likes and which brings him pleasure.

I consider myself as a very tender and  romantic woman. But, I have certain requirements towards myself first of all – and the people who surround me. I think I am a home – like woman (I am not too much into crowds), I enjoy making my home cozy and comfortable. I think I am a very feminine and charming woman who is simply seeking for the only love one. I like to take care about myself and to stay beautiful and attractive for my life partner.

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